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On How A Drive-By Is All You Get

Hi LiveJournal!

It's been a long time, I know. I won't be upset if you disown me as a friend or delete my account. I haven't been around much lately thanks to things like jobs, mortgage payments and sleep but I promise I haven't forgotten you.

How could I? You brought me magical things like awesome people I never would have known otherwise and that great series of lip-sync videos that made the rounds a few years back. You were my first forray into "online social networking", unless you count friendster and I don't because that thing was a piece of shit.

I used to spend a lot of time going on and on about how my day was and what new band I liked and what form of alcohol gave me a headache the most. Gradually though I think I realized that reviewing the minutiae of my terribly average life was probably not that interesting to most people. I'm fairly decent with words, but even the most talented blogger runs out of ways to say "Work sucked!" or "You'll never believe what she was wearing!" or even "HiLookAtMeI'mAwesomeTellMeHowCuteIAmAsMuchAsPossible!"

What does all that mean to us as a couple? Well, I don't know. I appreciate every moment we have together but I can't invest the hours and hours I've spent trolling through posts looking for humor, emotion, or pictures of shirtless hairy dudes anymore (Thanks xTube!). I'll swing by to say hello every once in a while and maybe I'll get inspired to write something substantial now and then, but the interwebs is a big place with so much to see and so many bandwagons to jump aboard. It's all I can do to keep up.

So don't miss me too much. There isn't that much to miss anyway.

PS- Despite my comment of jumping on bandwagons I still think Twitter is stupid.

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