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On How Stuff Is Happening

So yeah, I might be buying a house and stuff.

Also, we have a black president, which is awesome. The media went on and on about the historical significance of the inauguration and I am in full agreement. It is historical and incredible and such a step forward.

What irked me a little about the whole thing is that some folks got up in arms about how the news media kept going on about it. And the black community went on and on about what a massive event it was for them. Here's the thing though, if the black community could alone elect a president then Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton would have been in office years ago. This is a monumental time for the civil rights movement of the 60s, all those folks who truly gave everything they had for something they believed in, but in the greater scheme of things, I think it's monumental for our society.

It isn't just that a black man holds the most powerful position in the land, but that a country as diverse as ours, racially, economically, politically, spiritually, and any other adverb you can throw in there elected him. We made that choice together. To me that's the most important aspect of this whole shindig. I guess that means I'm on board with celebrating that we voted for change, but really I'm just stoked crusty old white dudes are no longer the only actual options we have to lead our country.

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