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My Printer Wants Me

I've been neglecting my camera as of late. This past weekend I had an excuse though. I worked at Big Chicks Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and now I'm finishing up my lunch break in the office. Fortunately, inanimate objects can't have affairs so I'm fairly certain my camera isn't sleeping with someone else. Soon, the pictures shall return and all will be well again.

I spent the morning enjoying some quality time with a variety of printers and copy machines. They were very persistent, but in the end each one understood that I'm already seeing someone. My first conference call ever was magical. The coffee here is not terrible either.

On my lunch break, I saw a lady with Tourette's but not the swearing kind. Her shoulders twitched sporadically. It was kind of rad. I almost thought to ask her to teach me about popping and locking but then I realized she wasn't moving like that to earn style points. Then I saw a trio of women who had to be a mother and her daughters. I could tell because the two looked like they came from the same unfortunate combination of sperm and egg having faces only a mother could love, hench the third.

I know it's mean, but that's how exciting my lunch was. I spent $10 on a chicken sandwich worthy of $5. My Cherry Coke was delicious though.

Delicious I say.

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